Assignment on merged housing by graduate studio ‘Existing Housing Stock’

The municipal programme ‘Existing housing stock’ concerns redevelopment of nearly 10.000 homes. Throughout the eponymous research unit, coordinated by former Architecture Student, Sander Smoes, graduate students are making plans for the redevelopment of flats, merging typologies, and life-resistant housing. Olindo Caso is head supervisor.

Afstudeerders bestaadne voorraad

Part of the graduate programme is the actual project realization of a merged housing assignment. The entire process from feasibility study, planning, building preparation to construction supervision will be completed.  Henk van Schagen (architect) will accompany this assignment throughout the Field academy. Harriën van Dijk, graduate, explains: ‘ I was attracted by the link between theory and field. The theories, acquired during our education are now being applied in practice, so you actually develop more than you design. You don’t look at it from above, but you find yourself right in the middle of the area you’re actually investigating and designing! Due to the interaction, feedback of the inhabitants is created, which makes the task even more challenging!