Historic Museum Rotterdam at the Veldacademie

Working on the project ‘The City as a Muse’ a team of the Historic Museum of Rotterdam explores the southern districts of Rotterdam. For the time being, the Veldacadmie is their base.

A city consists of more than streets and buildings. Rotterdam means all Rotterdammers together. Therefore the Historic Museum is looking for inhabitants that are willing to talk about their life in Rotterdam. The collected stories and objects will form the contemporary history of the city.

To document as many different stories as possible, the urban curator dives into the city. By working in this way, the museum becomes a part of the urban networks and joins the local life by using the inhabitants to collect contemporary heritage.

Foto Jongeren

The museum starts with a district based research based on a topic that fits the neighbourhood. Individual residents will be the object of research. During the ongoing process intermediate presentations show the results and stimulate other inhabitants to share their stories as well. Within four years the districts Rotterdam South, North and West will be investigated.

During the kick-off of the project the district-team of the Historic Museum uses the Veldacadamie as operating centre.

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