A great deal of interest for the Knowlegde Market of the Energy Lab

The Energy Lab is an initiative of Cofely, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam and Veldacademie, in collaboration with BPG-ITS and the institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam). The goal of the Energy Lab is to encourage a partially self-sustaining, resilient and sustainable business climate on the Sluisjesdijkpier, to waste less energy in the future, to emit less CO2 and to contribute to the social economical welfare of the nearby neighbourhoods. In the Lab program, projects and products are developed by and for various entrepreneurs.

Energie - Kennismarkt

Last January the 28th the first Energy-Knowledge market was organised in the former RET building at Waalhaven Oostzijde. At the moment this building is being renovated by Stichting Handelscompagnie Sluisjesdijk through learning-working paths and in collaboration with entrepreneurs in the area. The Stichting wants to use the redevelopment as a means of bridging the gap between the neighbourhood and the harbour through practical training.

At the market annex New Years drink Cofely BPG ITS, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, RET, Waterschap Hollandse Delta, Dave Dekker, Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam and Watertaxi Rotterdam all had their own stand. They presented their views concerning energy saving, sustainable building, social development, socially responsible entrepreneurship, business climate, self-reliance and participation to each other and to the visitors of the market.

Students of the practical training LMC PrO provided biological snacks and drinks, while the post graduate students of IHS conducted interviews with all the parties in order to comprehend the true desires and needs of the entrepreneurs. The coming months they will work on formulating a set of concrete recommendations.

The Energy Lab serves as a platform for the sharing of knowledge related to sustainable area development and product development, aiming to realise ideas of common interest. As such, there will certainly be a follow-up to this successful afternoon. The developments can be followed on the website

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