Result research Urban Interfaces

Commissioned by ‘Pact OBR’ the advice document of Urban Interfaces was published in April 2010. With the new concept ‘Urban Interfaces’, Bureau Frontlijn together with the Veldacademie, presents a new approach of creativity and entrepreneurship on the level of city development and neighborhood renewal.

Urban Interfaces are work environments which transfer the spatial and organizational innovative power from the creative economy to other sectors of the economy. With work environments we mean buildings which are innovative furnished and linked to a process organization. This process organization expresses the characteristic dynamics well.

The advice document consists out of three parts. A comparison between existing projects in Rotterdam and Berlin, the possible modules and intern organization-principles of Urban Interfaces and a vision on an effective network of Urban Interfaces and which preconditions must be set to improve the arising of Urban Interfaces in the urban environment.

The RET remise in Oud-Charlois is a location in Rotterdam on which the research Urban Interfaces is applicable.

View the publication 'Urban Interfaces Care'.