Assisted Living Area Oud-Charlois

Final Report Assisted Living


In which way do people use a neighborhood and its facilities? What does this mean for the quality of meeting? Students of the Master course from the TU Delft have followed a group of seniors from Oud-Charlois with GPS trackers, in the period of May-June 2010. The movement patterns are surveyed for a period of one week.  These movement patterns are analyzed on various aspects, which are important for the development of ‘Assisted Living Area Oud-Charlois’. The results of the research are shortly presented to the stakeholders, such as housing corporations, developers, groups of interest and the borough, which perform the real realization of the Assisted Living Area. The final report will be published on this site. The animation above will show a first impression of the research.

On basis of their research, students have developed some scenarios. The seniors, which were tracked with the GPS devices, supported the research by giving some advice on preliminary presentations of the research, performed by the students. More information can be found in the reports ‘De virtuele verbinding van Oud-Charlois’, ‘Social Safety in Oud Charlois / GPS tracking of seniors’, ‘De levensloopbestendige wijk’.

Supervisors from the studio:

Dr.Ir.Frank van der Hoeven (urbanism), Ir.Otto Trienekens (veldacademie), Jonathan van de Bilt  \ Dr.Ir.Stefan van der Spek (U-LAB)


Assisted Living 2010