New Minor at the Veldacademie

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Social Sustainable Community - Transition Strategies for Regeneration Areas

The studio will start in september, subscription is open to students of all academic disciplines. The aim is to work on community improvement from an interdisciplinary point of vieuw. The relationship between society and space within the context of a regeneration area will be the main subject of the course. The relationship will be examined by resreach en design. Liveability, sustainability as well as the design and management of social en enviromental transition processes are the keywords for the (designing) researcher and (researching) designer.

In this interdisciplinary design- and research studio students will be working by means of research, analysis and design within a regeneration area in Rotterdam. Around an actual case the interaction between local residents and politicians will lead to a concrete (spatial or process-) design that reacts to the identified problems. This result can consist of elements of urbanism, spatial designs or processes within the society.




Besides the regular curriculum the Veldacademie is also open for graduating students. While a new group of graduating students’ moves into the Rotterdam studio, the first three students sucessfully presented their research.

We welcome any academic students that follow study programs related to the main research topic of the Veldacademie: regeneration areas.

Do you already have a inspiration for a graduation project or are interested in the Veldacadmie without concrete ideas, contact us for a informational meeting, meeting the team and location. Mail Otto Trienekens at

Possible subjects for graduation assignments could be:

  • Research on mobility by use of GPS systems
  • Assisted living, the development of public spaces and amenities in a neighbourhood
  • The redevelopment of industrial heritage



Some of the past educational projects lead the way to deeper research projects that are being executed besides the regular activites of the Veldacademie.

Jurrian Arnolds was one of the students joining the ´Transitionstrategies for Regeneration Areas´. By now, he has become a permanent member of the Veldacademie team. Together with the residents of Oud Charlois and the municipality he is working on the project Gouwplein.

The GPS-Tracking project was executed by a group of master students of the TU Delft. Since the project ended with the end of the semester, Jonathan van de Bilt assists the further development of this project. The GPS-Tracking is linked to the research into the ‘Living Service Areas'.