Interdisciplinary meeting on relocation tendencies in Carnisse and Tarwewijk

On April 11th, students of Human Geography and Planning from the University of Utrecht presented the final results of their research onrelocation tendencies in Carnisse and Tarwewijk. Architecture graduates, who are working on a design for the Eilandenbuurt in Carnisse, were part of the audience as well. The different approaches of the two disciplines led to interesting discussions and exchange of knowledge. 

Interdisciplinary meeting on the propensity to move among residents of Carnisse and Tarwewijk

Compared to other areas in the city of Rotterdam, in Tarwewijk and Carnisse the tendency to move is relatively high. Residents do not stay in the districts for many years, but move after a short period of residence. Both the municipality of Rotterdam and residents from Carnisse and Tarwewijk perceive this high propensity to move as a problem. But is it possible to influence the relocation tendency among these residents?

Students Human Geography and Planning tried to answer this interesting question by a research on the basis of questionnaires and in-depth interviews. They focused on the role of dwellings, facilities, public space and social networks in the tendency to relocate. Visit the project page of this website to read their final results and conclusions.