Pupils Draw Mental Maps of Oud Charlois

A group consisting of 17 pupils of the secondary school Nieuw Zuid presented the outcome of the ‘Mental Mapping’ workshop on April 23rd.

Being lead by the local artist Guiseppe Licari and ChristinaAmpatzidou, the students sketched so called ‘experience maps’ of Oud Charlois. The drawings depict the important parts of the area and also visibly show the value given to certain elements in the district. By putting experiences onto paper and making the living patterns of the pupils visible, it now is possible to get a better understanding of the perception of the young inhabitants. The drawings were presented during the children's art route Oud Charlois, visiters of the exibition were asked to draw their own mental map.

This exhibition is a part of the project ‘The City as a Muse’, a project initiated by the Historic Museum of Rotterdam.