Alderman opens exhibition highrise

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In order to get a better understanding of the edit value of highrise projects on livability and quality of the innercity the behaviour of present highrise inhabitants has been traced by Veldacademie and Delft University of Technology. The movement patterns of inhabitants of 11 towers have been registered making use of GPS trackers, and subsequently been compared with the results from interviews and inventory maps of the city.

Alderman Louwes joined the research as she is a highrise inhabitant herself. ''This research allowed me as a citizen to participate in a real facts research with experts in practice. Carying the gps-device and the accompanying report made me very aware of my movement behaviour and the selected ways of transportation.''

As being the alderman of, among others, higher education and innovation, Louwes is happy with the innovative research and corporation with the master students in urbanism: ''I am really possitive about applying students in practical assignments. A research as such is the way to collect and to share knowledge, and moreover: to use it in the real world!``

Alderman Louwes about the displayed results: ''The conversations with the researchers made me understand that much more inhabitants of the innercity than expected move themselves by foot, and the thorough appreciation of the presence of green in their living environment should not be underestimated. I will definitely communicate this to my fellow alderman Alexandra van Huffelen, who really stands for a greener (inner)city.''


(BRON: ; FOTO: Frank van der Hoeven)


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