Starting-subsidy for the research 'Living without (a) care'

Fieldacademy and jefvandenputte architecture have received a starting-subsidy from the Stimulationfund for Creative Industry in order to explore the transformation possibilities for housing-healthcare accommodations. Currently a proposal is being worked out for additional and design-based research into the possibilities for a number of representative locations concerning healthcare accommodation.

Starting-subsidy for the research 'Living without (a) care'


To this end the knowledge and methodology that Fieldacademy developed during the project An Insight into Healthcare Accommodations will be combined with the expertise of renovation architect Jef van den Putte, yielding a spatial, building technical and finance-based addition to the programmatic, policy-based and location-specific analyses. The research will be conducted in close collaboration with healthcare providers, building owners and local welfare organizations.

In the research connections will be sought with current and future pilots in healthcare accommodations. The exploration must lead to concrete, quantifiable and spatial versions, but above all it must lead to additional insight into characteristics and preconditions that play a decisive role in the transformation possibilities of existing housing-healthcare locations. Due to the separation in the financing for housing and healthcare a lot of locations are now facing a drop in demand. The question what role these vacant becoming locations can play, with extramural, self-organized healthcare, forms the central theme of the research. Fieldacademy is developing an instrument that enables one to integrally compare the different locations for healthcare accommodations. By implementing a subdivision into eight prototypes the findings on one specific location can be coupled back to the urban inventory thereby providing added value for a wider audience.

By collaborating with jefvandenputte architecture the pilots can be viewed from different angles, providing a more accurate insight into the opportunities and (im)possibilities for existing locations for healthcare accommodation. In addition the research will provide additional insight into the mutual additional value that the analyses of Fieldacademy and architects can have for one another.