New graduation research at the Veldacademie

Since February architecture student Antal Bos of the University of Delft joined the Veldacademie. The coming months he will work on his graduation thesis and design titled: ‘Urban Interface; transformation of the incinerator into a setting for independent entrepreneurs and educational training.’

This assignment forms an ideal addition to the research “Ways to Urban Interfaces” commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam and carried out by Dr. Sebastian Olma.

Urban Interfaces are working environments that translate the spatial and organisational innovation seen in the creative industry to other sectors. The concept of Urban Interfaces is a new approach to creativity and entrepreneurship within the topic of urban development.

Antal Bos

Antal Bos researches the concept of Urban Interfaces using the incinerator at the Brielselaan in Oud Charlois as a test case. Due to shortage of industrial garbage, the incinerator is out of use. It is only one of the companies along the docks of the Maashaven to close down. Within the years to come, even more companies surrounding the incinerator will shut their doors and thereby creating an emptiness separating the Maashaven from the district of Oud Charlois. Because of the destroyed relation to the harbour Oud Charlois will have to look for new links to business and trade.

By opening the old incinerator to create space for starting entrepreneurs or young people looking for a challenge after high school, the lost link will be re-established. The given location could work as ignition to encourage new ideas and boost the local economy. It would bring work back into the district and give a chance to young entrepreneurs. More concrete suggestions for the infill of this concept are traineeships within the catering industry, a health and care cluster and spaces for experimental entrepreneurship such as yacht building in the covered harbour.