Park Zestienhoven

The results of the research into the Zestienhoven park in Rotterdam conducted in the Veldacademie within the framework of Atelier Groenjaar.

Zestienhoven park

"After analyzing the results of the research phase and getting clear what the park's problems are, four main interventions were defined for Zestienhoven Park.
First, the park is downsized from 69ha to 11ha, in order to be compatible to its real function as a district park;
Second, the park is separated of the allotment gardens, due to the fact that both have distinct functions;
Third, all remaining space from the previous boundary of the park, which doesn't function as a park any longer, is transformed in another function as working places, shops, housing and sports;
Fourth, new and crucial infrastructure is created."

Zestienhoven group:
Lars Capota
Gilberto Monte Studart Gurgel