Retail vacancy in the neighbourhood

Retail vacancy forms a structural problem for the liveability in city neighbourhoods. In commission of the recently founded "Wijkonderneming Mathenesse" (or "Neighbourhoud Enterprise Mathenesse") the possibilities to counteract this problem are explored. The Veldacademie TU graduation studio is involved.

Due to the departure of entrepreneurs a growing number of shop-premises are becoming vacant. The climate for entrepreneurship deteriorates, the social safety declines, one can speak of a negative influence on the liveability in the neighbourhood. In order to address this problem a number of active residents established the Wijkonderneming Mathenesse.


The main focus in this assignment is the vacant shop-premises of Mathenesserweg 12a. The premises is owned by housing corporation Havensteder and is currently in such a poor state that it can't directly be utilised. An important question is whether the current allocation as shop-premises is the right one. During the research the students will work on site, on the premises of "Stroop". The goal of this initiative by local architects is to temporarily occupy vacant premises and thus encourage area development. During the course of the research the current vacancies will be mapped, meetings will be organised with those directly involved and finally a design proposal will be made including a cost-analysis for the vacant shop-premises of Mathenesseweg 12a. The research is a continuation of the study Retail Vacancy Wolphaertsbocht. 


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