Zevenhuizerplas in transition

The results of the research into the Zevenhuizerplas in Rotterdam conducted in the Veldacademie within the framework of Atelier Groenjaar.


"Relatively small interventions can have a large impact. We wanted to show that in our project for the Zevenhuizerplas. On several strategic locations we did some small interventions that have a large impact on the accessability of the park. A lock has been placed between the Zevenhuizerplas and the Rotte, so that the Zevenhuizerplas belongs to one large recreational water system. New access ways have been presented from the neighbouring districts to the Zevenhuizerplas to increase the accessibility. Moreover, new functions have been added to the lake which give the Zevenhuizerplas it's own clear identity. By implementing these interventions the form of the park as a whole has changed and new small-scale interventions are necessary to preserve the focus on the park."

Zevenhuizerplas group:
Jo-Niklas Dodoo
Marjolein Sprado
Koenie van Veen