Redevelopment RET-building progressing

The redevelopment of the RET building on the corner of Waalhaven Oost Zijde and the Sluisjesdijk is progressing rapidly. On the initiative of Havenbedrijf and Stadshavens an exploration was done into the possibilities of reusing the vacant RET-office wing. To this end the foundation Stichting Handelscompagnie Sluisjesdijk has set up a development plan and acquired the right to use the building. In collaboration with a study&work track for youngsters in South Rotterdam (RoffaBop), the start has made with redeveloping a part of the ground floor. Starting 2013 the Veldacademie along with a development agency will take up residence in the building. This supports the aim of a swift revitalisation, in order to stimulate the involvement of other initiatives.


The very existence of Rotterdam’s harbour, the economic driver of the city and the region, is dependant on availability of qualified personnel. The youth in Southern Rotterdam is benefited by an optimal preparation in order to make the transition into this labour market.

The strategic position of the RET building on the hinging-point between harbour and neighbourhood offers opportunities for activities that can stimulate the connection between work and youngsters. In the National Program Quality-leap South the location is designated as economic focal point. The combination of striking architecture and location led to the building being described as “iconic” in the Structure-vision Stadshavens and as such, the suitable as catalyst for the development of the area.

With the intention of optimal cross-pollination the building will perform a multitude of functions:

  • As a shop window where companies can present themselves so that the interest of youngsters can be actively stimulated towards a career in the Habour and Engeneering.
  • As an explore-lab in which we can enable youngsters to discover their talents and passion and which training c.q. jobs fits them.
  • As a third role the building can function an information point. The place where the various organisations, that are separately dealing with the chain of talent development, including schools, will now have their ‘desk’ and where they will be connected to each other.
  • Additionally the RET can also be seen as a training centre where the economic strength of small businesses in the South can be amplified through supplementary training and/or guidance programs. The place where college graduates and hbo-students are trained for the career neighbourhood-improvement. To this end Veldacademie will rent 140 m2to regularly link higher education to concrete assignments in the neighbourhood development.
  • The building as Development agency is the fifth function. The place from which district management, maintenance, safety and development of the Sluisjesdijk area will be organised.


On behalf of the ongoing realisation of the development plan the Stichting is looking for parties identify themselves with the development plan and which are especially interested due to synergetic advantages. This can include both parties that have a structural need for space, as parties that for instance want to utilise the collective facilities (lobby, bar, presentation space, meeting room). Contributions in the form of goods, capacity, as well as resources are welcome. For the realisation of phase 0 (completion December 2012) the Stichting is looking for parties that can provide a contribution in the finishing touches and furnishing of the building.



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- RoffaBob

- Sedha Result BV

- Jef van den Putte Architectuur

- Edwin Markus - Vastgoedprofessionals voor wonen & werken

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