Kick off new graduates TU Delft

From February 2011 onwards, four new students of the Faculty of Architecture will be executing their graduation research, through the research unit ‘Existing building stock’. The graduate assignments will be linked with existing real estate in Rotterdam. Hereby the link between education and realization is at issue.

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These graduation assignments will be executed within several themes. For this we are in search of realistic assignments and tasks. The graduate curriculum partially exists in performing research activities within these themes, chosen by the students themselves.

The graduates will be covering the following themes:


Graduation Themes


Pieter Graaff                 >           Apartment buildings

Harrien van Dijk            >           Perception of the occupants ’00 / ’30 and ’50 housing / Social heritage         

Bas Lewerissa               >           Combination and transformation of housing stock

Karin Snoep                  >           Adaptable building / Assisted living