Rotterdam residents followed by GPS

How do residents of the centre of Rotterdam use their space?  For as much further development of the city of Rotterdam this is an interesting question. Fieldacademy surveyed how residents of several high rise buildings move around town by tracking them with GPS devices. 

For seven days, Respondent Lasse Gerrits, walked around in Rotterdam with the GPS-device in his pocket. All his steps were registered continuously through a satelite connection.

The Fieldacademy is a cooperation between the TU Delft and the municipality of Rotterdam. "I suspect that the tracking survey will produce a very varied view, because very many different types of people live in high rise buildings. A diverse range of people, from retired to young people who enjoy being able to have everything at their fingertips", says Gerrits.

Participants of the survey were residents of 14 high rise buildings, including The Schoener, The Clipper, The Weenatoren and De witte Keizer. The data kan provide a wealth of information about the behavioral patterns of residents. Combined with questionnaires, the research should make clear what needs residents have in the inner city of Rotterdam.

All information is anonymized. (Translated from original text: RTV Rijmond)


Rotterdamse torenbewoners met GPS gevolgd by rtvrijnmond