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Since February three graduating students from the TU Delft master course "Architecture & Modernity" joined the Fieldacademy. In the following months the students will work within the building at the Grondherendijk in Oud Charlois.

In the first semester Carlos Beira, Gijs Sanders en Sander Smoes will investigate the problems and chances within the district. This research-phase will lead them to their individual architectural solutions in the second phase of their graduation project. Otto Trienekens from Fieldacademy will support them on the location while Robert Notrott (Department of Architecture, TU Delft) will be their guiding tutor from the Faculty of Architecture. Fokke Wind (Department of Spatial Planning, TU Delft) will give guidance to the research.

graduating students

Carlos Beira, Gijs Sanders en Sander Smoes