Survey Pedestrian flow city centre visitors



In collaboration with Department of Urbanism TU Delft, Field Academy conducted a pedestrian flow survey in the city of Rotterdam. In the beginning of May the use of public space was mapped by following people with a GPS device. It is a sequel to the inquiries already carried out ‘TOWARDS A LIVELY CITY CENTRE’ - Pedestrian flows of the Rotterdam high rise occupant. This time visitors that come to city centre by car were followed. Starting points of the measurement were always four car parks. In four days, a total of 674 people were “tracked”.

The obtained insight can be translated into interventions in the city (both spatially ad programmatically) to enliven the centre and be able to bind visitors for a longer period of time.

Apart from the actual travel behaviour, when participants returned their GPS equipment they were asked about the use and the way the city is perceived. Also possible wishes and some demographic background were included in this questionnaire.

Because the number of respondents is relatively small, the findings of the survey are not representative for all visitors of the city centre who come by car. The results are therefore not considered final. Nevertheless, they provide an indication of the valuation and the wishes of the town and provide material for further research.