Start research on assisted living in Kralingen-Crooswijk

Recently the new research project on the design of several districts on assisted living made a start. The research project is an initiative of the municipality of Kralingen-Crooswijk and will be extended to other assisted living districts in Rotterdam.

The target group of research consists of seniors (55+) and dependents. The research project  will have to take several populations into account.

The target region of research consist of West Kralingen,  Oud Crooswijk and Kralingen Oost.  

The district proposed a double assignment. First, there is demand for a thorough investigation of the inventory on services of housing, care and welfare and interests of users. There will also be process design, the question is how the process can be developed in a structural way so that the eventual user will ensure the conservation of these services.

This is done through quantitative and qualitative analysis using multiple research methods (fieldwork). Moreover, from a location in the relevant area to conduct field work as effectively as possible. The housingcorporation has provided a bproperty at Vlietlaan.

For this study, the Field academy has a partnership with TNO and the Hogeschool Rotterdam.