Strategies for Districtimprovement

The project “Design Strategies for Regeneration Areas” was brought to an end by public presentations held in the district itself on October the 16th. The input for the plans was provided by the stories and experiences from the actual inhabitants of Oud Charlois. During the Confrontation Lecture held earlier this year, the researchers got the chance to receive information about daily live in Oud Charlois, the opportunities as well as the problems. Based on this information and further analysis every researcher chose his or her specific topic.


Amongst others topics presentations where held about accommodation of temporary workmen, a meeting space for the youth and the improvement of the social control. The presentations (Dutch only) are available through the links below. The extensive reports (Dutch only) can be requested at the Veldacademie.

The presentations were held in the presence of Aad Klos (Gemeentewerken, Municipality of Rotterdam), Irene van Renselaar (Historic Museum of Rotterdam), Steef Voorden (inhabitant), Ed Goverde (supervisor of the district of Oud Charlois) and Irma Bijl (district manager Oud Charlois).


The rapports and presentations