Start Minor Social Sustainability

De socially sustainable community – Community assembly Feijenoord

With the beginning of

September a new Minor has started at the Veldacademie. Bearing the title “The socially sustainable community” this Minor forms the framework in which students of the Erasmus University (Faculty of Social Sciences) and TU Delft (Faculty of Architecture) conduct a interdisciplinary research on Transition Strategies for the neighbourhood of Feijenoord.

To this end a kickoff community assembly took place on the 10th of September, in the community’s sports hall. Adopting a low threshold, public atmosphere, various individuals involved in the neighbourhood were invited to share there experiences with the students. Among the speakers were individuals such as employees of the community-accommodation ‘Thuis Op Straat’ and the housing corporation ‘Woonstad’, but also representatives of the elderly home, a mosque and ‘Creatief Beheer’. In addition to the presentations there was also room for questions and even some debate on the various aspects of the neighbourhood and its community.

The eventual goal of the community assembly is to inspire the students and challenge them to view the neighbourhood from a different, more involved, perspective. As such, the information gathered on the assembly also serves as an initial foundation on which the students can develop there projects of the coming half year.

A public presentation of the results will take place at the end of the semester.