Old Incinerator as Incubator for District Economy


Recently Gallery Hommes started the public debate about the future of the impressive and nowadays unused incinerator (AVI) at the Brielselaan.

Moderated by Patrik van der Klooster and with further input of speakers arcitect Maarten Struijs, Ed Goverde, Otto Trienekens and Paul Braams a lively debate took place. All persons involved in the discussion agreed the incinerator has become a part of the districts identity and therefore promising possibilities for re-use have to be found. In cooperation with the Veldacademie, Antal Bos of the TU Delft started a research. Firstly, he is looking for new relations with the (districts) economy.

By opening the AVI for starting entrepreneurs or recently graduated pupils that want to learn a trade in practice, the relationship between work and the local residents can be re-established. The location could boost new ideas and local economy, giving young entrepreneurs and pupils a chance. This could be realized by introducing trainings from the hotel and catering industry, a health care cluster, spaces for experimental entrepreneurship or for example an interior yacht building space in the own covered inner basin.

The progress of this research will be presented later this year in one of the debates around the topic of re-development of industrial heritage vs. local economy and provision of labour. This series of debates will be organized in corporation with the Oud Charlois district manager Irma Bijl.

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