RET Depot as economic focus

On behalf of Stadshavens, additional research was performed to study the opportunities of the former RET depot on Sluisjesdijk in Oud Charlois. To bring the re-commissioning of the ‘iconic’ building a step closer, more knowledge is needed on the structural conditions of the property, on the necessary interventions and on the financial consequences.


In 2009, Field academy made extensive surveys of  the property which, in addition to the recently publishd Projectplan Wijkgebonden Energiebedrijf (Project Plan Area Bound Energy Company), forms the basis for an in-depth exploration. In collaboration with JefvandenPutte Architecten, a number of global development scenarios were set, which were tested to Decree and regulations regarding fire safety and escape routes.

The former RET depot on Sluisjesdijk in Old Charlois is regarded as a an economic focal point in the Nationaal Programma Kwaliteitssprong Zuid. Recently, Stadhavens investigated which parties can contribute to the interpretation of this and what can be considered the connecting theme. The advisor described the creation of ‘a neighbourhood bound energy company’, with the aim of making the existing housing stock in the neighbourhood more sustainable overall in energy. Besides housing insulation, one may think of for instance encouraging the use of alternative energy sources, such as waste heat from the port area. The starting point is the realization of a partnership between the parties involved in vocational education, residents’ participation, employment, private housing and climate adaptation.


Jef van den Putte Architectuur