Event park Rotterdam

The results of the research into the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam conducted in the Veldacademie within the framework of Atelier Groenjaar.

Event park Rotterdam

"In order to make use of the available qualities the Zuiderpark has, we introduce a new centre in the park. This centre is directly connected to the Zuidplein, Ahoy and the park. This new focal point is the central soul of event park Rotterdam. From Zuidplein towards the Zuiderpark you now cross an event belt, which together forms the new entrance and centre of the Zuiderpark. This expansion improves the connection between Zuidplein and the Zuiderpark. Therefore the park increases its identity which will be of extreme difference compared to the current situation. The park will be lively again!"

Event park Rotterdam group:
Nils van der Waal
Vera Kreuwels

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