Charlois' youngsters evaluate Youth Policy

Is the Charlois Youth Policy an example for the whole city? Together with the youngsters from the Sub-municipality of Charlois Veldacademie evaluated whether the measures that spearheaded the youth policy were effective. With the prospect of the disbanding of Sub-municipalities as a layer of governance, the question rises whether the policy implemented in Charlois can yield useful lessons for the city as a whole.

Charloisse jongeren evalueren Jeugdbeleid


During previous research into the possibilities of talent cultivation for children knowledge and experience was acquired on questioning the youth and youngsters through interactive workshops in which obtaining data for the research and the discovery of talents by the youngsters went hand in hand. Partly on the basis of this experience and an extensive knowledge of the Chalois area Veldacademie was asked to get in touch with youngster throughout the Sub-municipality and carry out an evaluation.

By means of focus-groups, surveys and interviews research is conducted into the effectiveness of a number of spearheads of the youth policy, among which are youth participation, talent cultivation and a healthy lifestyle.

In collaboration with TOS, DOCK, PIT 010 and high schools more then ten focus groups will be organised with youngsters ranging from age 14 up to 24.

During the closing conference all partners will be invited to collectively determine the future course of the youth policy based on the results of the research. This will determine to which extent the youth policy of Charlois is unique in relation to the other Sub-municipalities and which aspects can be taken up in a youth policy on the level of the entire city.