Walking through Bloemhof and Tarwewijk

As part of the project ‘Wandelen bij ouderen’ (Walking with the elderly) Field Academy, Erasmus MC and Rick Prins started a partnership. This project examines the environmental factors influencing the exercise behaviour of older people. As part of the programme walking groups have been created in several neighbourhoods and interventions are being committed in the physical environment, with the ultimate goal of forming suitable routes.

Walking madam

To develop suitable routes it is necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the district and its users. In particular knowledge about supply and effective use of facilities by seniors is important. Field Academy will literary map the characteristics of the districts Tarwewijk and Bloemhof and its residents through a detailed survey of the area that will be carried out on micro scale.

Of each neighbourhood there are a number of places defined as anchor points. An anchor point is a physically recognizable place in a neighbourhood with a concentration of facilities or features that appeal to different audiences. These points are areas in a district where daily routes of varying audiences intersect. Thus, based on anchor points it is possible to develop various scenarios that display the potential of the area. This provides guidance for future developments or interventions. A network of high priority routes is given based on anchor points and existing residential services. This information serves as basis to determine the routes.

Interesting for Field Academy is the feedback from the walking group. The output of the success of the routes along the anchor points provides insight and understanding of the district.