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The Veldacademie (Field Academy in English) is - as the word says - an academy in the field. You learn from studying daily life in neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. This takes place at our office base in the former RET Remise at the Waalhaven. But above all, learning takes place by being present in the neighbourhoods and connecting with the local network of residents, entrepreneurs, visitors and administrators. With your fresh perspective and expertise, you will gain and contribute knowledge. By graduating with us, you will contribute to the development of the city.

You get to work on the latest socio-spatial issues. Can the design of public space contribute to meeting encounters, networking and increasing the resilience of a neighbourhood? How can older people live independently at their own homes for longer and continue to participate in society? Can we stimulate children and young people to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and what role does talent development play in this?

At the Veldacademie, you can do an internship, follow an educational module and graduate.  We teach and supervise students from all kinds of different study programmes and educational institutions. From universities to practical schools and from spatial and social science studies to medical and creative study programmes. We believe it is important to work with students from different study backgrounds. In this way you will be able to develop an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the issues at hand.

We have permanent partnerships with Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Read more about this on the next page. If you are a student at another educational institution you can contact us directly to inquire about the possibilities.



For all our internship placements, you will be need to be available for a minimum of four months and four days a week. There are two starting moments, at the beginning of the academic year in September and halfway through the academic year in January/February 2021. Click here to see what we offer and what we are looking for.

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In recent years we have had students from many different study programmes and institutions: Rotterdam University (Leisure & Event Management, Spatial Planning & Urban Planning, Communication & Multimedia Design), TU Delft (Urbanism), Utrecht University (Sociology and Humanistics), Wageningen University (Nutrition & Health) and Erasmus University (Sociology, Educational Sciences and History). If you have any doubts, please contact us.

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We are looking for from January/February

  • An intern (science) communication

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