At Veldacademie, you work on real, topical assignments rooted in multifaceted, day-to-day professional practice.
You gain intensive research experience and enrich your knowledge and skills. The city could use your fresh perspective!
Read on for the possibilities and our available research placements and internships.


“You have to be curious if you want to throw yourself into a social subject and see the question behind the question. If you have an affinity with a subject and then go into it deeply, you will make lots of discoveries.”

Hedwig van der Linden, Architecture student, Academic year 2016-2017

Research in practice

Think of Rotterdam as one giant laboratory. Could we be making smarter use of vacant buildings in the city? Does creating safe walking routes through the district help tackle loneliness? Is it time to breathe new life into community centres? What would those renovated community centres look like?





Check out our available openings for students here.


You put your expertise to work tackling urban issues, you immerse yourself in the topic and the theory, and then you go out into the district, talk to the people involved and learn how to see through the eyes of the users of the city: the residents, the entrepreneurs and the visitors. You use innovative methods to do this, and you learn how to present the results of your research in text and images.

The great advantage of doing research with Veldacademie is that you know who you're doing it for. You work in the district itself, tackling relevant issues in cooperation with local partners. You work as part of the team, you benefit from supervision in practice and you collaborate with other students.

Is it for you?

The main thing is your motivation. You like to take the initiative, you're enterprising and committed.

You enjoy working as part of a close-knit team of professionals and with people who have a wealth of practical experience. You take a professional interest in social and spatial issues. The students who work with us come from fields such as architecture, sociology, criminology and the health sciences. We expect you to be in our office a few days a week, and you also need to meet some formal conditions: you must be registered with an educational institution, and you need permission from your programme and a supervisor from your course.






“I now dare to enter into a discussion with an expert in this field. We have read and written about it so much. We know what the problem is and what is needed.”

Martijn Sterk, Architecture student, academic year 2015 – 2016



Are you interested in linking your studies to a practical challenge in Rotterdam? You can make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting, or you could also get more information from your programme about your options within the regular curriculum.


Some programmes, including the Architecture programme at TU Delft and the Sociology programme at Erasmus University, offer certain assignments and tracks with Veldacademie. Ask your university for more information or get in touch with us.


You are also welcome to join us if you are a student at another educational institution. In that case, you can formulate your own idea for a graduation project and work with us to give form to your chosen track. Our experience has shown that projects set up by students themselves tend to demand some extra effort. Get in touch with us to let us know what you would like to research.


You can register for a thesis placement, graduate studio or internship. Discover the available opportunities here.

Research placements and Internships


In a thesis placement, you join forces with a group of students to tackle a single overarching social issue. Within this group, you research your own sub-question. The thesis placements for the Spring 2018 semester have already begun; registration for this semester is now closed.


If you take this option, you will follow a combined track incorporating both research and design. You can choose your own topic and supervisors.

Our new graduate studio will begin in September, and you can register from Monday 14 May to Friday 25 May 2018 inclusive.  

Read the terms and conditions and sign up for an intake meeting. 


During an internship or graduate internship, you work on a specific assignment set by Veldacademie.

Our current internship placements have already been filled; new placements will be offered in August. You can send us an open application at any time.