Positive Feedback Community Profile Carnisse

Veldacademie & Bureau Frontlijn developed a method for analyzing urban areas.

The method's main goal is to find relations between social, physical, economical and cultural elements on different scales. Furthermore the method combines qualitative and quantitative data. The analyses takes place in different phases.

The first phase starts with a general examination of exiting data. In the second phase, the findings of the first phase are being compared to the actual situation in the area en certain issues will be investigated on a deeper level. In the third phase more fundamental research will take place which will finally lead the way to a strategy of improvement.

At the moment the posibilities of the model are being explored on the case of the district Carnisse in cooperation with Rini Bienmans (Creative Beheer), Jan Rotmans (Drift) en Henk Oosterling (Vakmanstad). Possibly the same method will be used to analyze further areas. With his graduation project Allan Pinheiro of the TU Delft is already exploring the community of Feijenoord.

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