RET location as an study- construction site

The renovation of the former office section of the RET-depot on the Sluisjesdijk has become characterised primarily by schooling and education. There are various learning-working courses and labour-induction tracks linked to renovation. Veldacademie and Creatief Beheer are jointly developing the methodology.

Via a labour-induction track, financed by the Initiatives Platform of the Municipality of Rotterdam, the long-term unemployed from Rotterdam South are (re)educated, leading eventually to a sustainable flow into regular employment. The local businesses participate in the project at various levels, for example by linking mentors with interns through the physical building assignment.

Students of the Albeda College (educational programme building technology and electro technology) and students of Zadkine (installation technology and human technology) recently developed a technical building plan, including a cost estimation and a plan of execution. They made an inventory of - potential - requirements from users in order to better attune the plan development.

The above stated tracks form an important affirmation for the developer of the building, the Stichting Handelscompagnie Sluisjesdijk (or Foundation Trade Company Sluisjesdijk). The Foundation places special emphasises on the creation of social added value for Rotterdam South throughout the entire development process of the building.

As a result of the successful approach of the course, the Havenbedrijf Rotterdam (or Harbour Company Rotterdam) has asked Veldacademie to advise in other labour-induction tracks. More on this will follow shortly!  

Partner: Creatief beheer