Requested: Intern Energy-lab business pier Sluisjesdijk

Havenbedrijf, Cofely and Veldacademie are the initiators of the "Energy Studio Sluisjesdijk", a unique collaboration of parties focussed on the development and implementation of new energy concepts at the local level. 


The Rotterdam harbour company has the ambition to develop the Sluisjesdijk pier in Rotterdam into an attractive and sustainable business location. The Sluisjesdijk is located on the border between city and harbour thereby making it a good location for high grade, harbour related companies. To attract such companies it's necessary to create an interesting business climate. To this end the social safety, character and identity of the pier need to be improved.

A part of this improvement is the realisation of energy saving measures at the companies on the Sluisjesdijk pier and working these measures out in a number of ambitious sustainability scenarios for the Sluisjesdijk pier.

Who are looking for:

We are looking for a student that is capable of sketching attractive and visionary scenarios for the Sluisjesdijk, based on planning, energy and ecological insights, thereby advancing the concept of the "Energy Studio (EnergyLab) Sluisjesdijk" towards a more concrete form. In order to qualify we expect the student to meet the following requirements:

  • HBO/WO level of education
  • Analytical
  • Pro-active en independent
  • Communicatively skilled

The EnergyLab started in September 2014. The intern can join at any moment. The exact form of the research will be determined in consultation, which also allows for input from the student.


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