Prospect for the Provenier

In addition to the urban inventory on healthcare accommodations and commissioned by Middin, the development possibilities of the Provenier have recently been evaluated. The elderly home that was built in the 70’s lies in the centre of Rotterdam. As a result of the legislation Separation of Housing & Healthcare a reorientation has become necessary for this complex, which is primarily inhabited by clients with a lower level of healthcare necessity. The fact that the emphasis is mainly on dependent dwellings makes the current complex extra vulnerable.

Prospect for the Provenier

In addition to the research into the three main themes: provided healthcare, surroundings & amenities and building, a few social scenarios are formulated. Various versions were also developed that considered different market positions. The study describes four development strategies: Housing, Redevelopment, Profiling and Withdrawing.

Based on the development strategies and in close consultation with the principal a clear-cut advice was eventually formulated for redevelopment. This advice currently forms the basis for further exploration.

At the same time Fieldacademy is utilizing the output to specify the urban inventory on healthcare. To this end multiple locations of various healthcare providers are subjected to a similar research.