Assisted Living

In the period from April to June a group of international master students of the TU Delft started a research project ‘Assisted Living’ in Oud-Charlois. On behalf of the Service Social Affairs and Employment of the municipality Rotterdam, Sikko Bakker is assigned to lead the project. The service is also the co-author of the intended policy ‘assisted living areas’ Rotterdam.

Assisted Living is a research project which should contribute to the link between the policy itself and the implementation of the living service areas Rotterdam. The students examine the level of possible realisation of the assisted living areas in Oud-Charlois. This includes assisted living zones where seniors in need of assistance receive a complete package of care and service, assisted living facilities where the inhabitants receive care and service and assisted living areas where the seniors can live their life with well accessible care and service in their very own neighbourhood.

The focus of the research lies on the mobility of the seniors in Oud-Charlois. Therefore, there is a close collaboration with the seniors in Oud-Charlois during the research project. A technique which is used for this research is GPS-tracking. During the test-phase the voluntary seniors will carry a GPS device that records their movements. Afterwards the movement patterns of the group of elderly will become clear and contribute a great deal to the research.

gps research


Example project; the result of GPS-tracking in Norwich

Since the group of students consists of various nationalities, this brings along different cultural values and thoughts on how to deal with the elderly. Compared to groups with only one nationality, this is a great advantage that leads to additional insights and findings.

On the 12th of June the results of the research will be presented at the Veldacademie. As well as people involved in the research also interested outsiders are welcome to join the presentations.

Supervisors from the TU Delft are:

Frank van der Hoeven
Thorsten Schuetze
René van der Velde
Otto Trienekens

Stefan van der Spek (GIS\GPS)