Feyenoord as a socially-sustainable district – Final Presentation Minor

Recently participants of the minor on socially-sustainable districts presented their research study on the Feyenoord district. In the council room of the government the students of the Field Academy Rotterdam got the chance to share their future vision on the district with several  stakeholders in the district. Student teams from the TU Delft and Erasmus University were put to the test with critical questions from representatives of governmental agencies, entrepreneurs and young workers from the district. Compliments went out to the connection between the policy of transition strategies and the specific development in public spaces of the district.

All four interdisciplinary teams chose a discrete topic throughout which they set up their vision on the district. Especially social function of water within the district, the high percentage of high school drop outs, the visibility and  attainability of social services within the district and the inhabitants’ participation in recreational activities were of great focus.

The students attempted to build a social connection between various population groups in the district Feyenoord, by building a physical connection in the public space, especially around the Persoonsdam and the park adjacent to it.

This cooperation between the disciplines of social sciences and architecture, combined with the district with district-focused-approach of the Field Academy, has led to several useful strategies. The results will be integrated into a professional policy consult. Due to great success, the next minor will start in September.

Rapports and Presentations: Designstrategies for Problem Areas