Research and advice

As designers and researchers, we look at the city through diverse perspectives. Our method of research by design allows us to test what works in practice on the spot. This delivers in-depth outcomes, and even surprising solutions.


Over the years, we have developed a broad set of research methods. Because we study urban developments as a unified whole, we use both spatial and sociological research methods and apply a combination of techniques to every project. Want to know more about how we work? Read more about our research strategy (dutch).

PROCESS supervision

Our strength is in making connections. We bring public and private actors together, link students with experienced professionals and engage residents as consultants. This results in unexpected meetings and broad-based solutions. These processes are almost as valuable as the results.


We regularly collaborate with students and teachers from a variety of different programmes. This makes us flexible and allows us to offer continuity and broad expertise. The curiosity and open-mindedness that students bring to the table always provides fresh perspectives. In turn, our experienced researchers and designers provide supervision and ensure a professional result. 


Is your organisation increasingly working at a local level? Then you will have noticed that you come into contact with partners in the district who all speak a different ‘language’. Our training courses and workshops will give you the tools to collect and visualise knowledge about the district in such a way as to make it accessible to a broad spectrum of residents. This is good for cooperation and makes it possible for us all to work together towards a shared vision. Professionals hone their ‘feelers’ by immersing themselves in what different resident groups need and learning to think in terms of scenarios.


Each organisation has its own objectives and challenges, which is why we tailor our training courses and workshops to each unique situation. We are happy to discuss how we can link a course or a training pathway to a concrete issue rooted in day-to-day practice. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.


Veldacademie connects practical challenges with regular teaching, in association with a variety of programmes: from university courses to vocational colleges, from spatial and sociological studies to medical training.

For students

Ambitious students are welcome to join us as interns or for a graduation project. The educational institution will take care of the technical supervision; we provide the practical lessons. You can find more information about what we offer students on our student page.