The AVR reactor - Antal Bos

Veldacademie congratulates Antal Bos on his graduation.


The old incinerator at Brielselaan was recently shut down and has great potential for being reused. The flue gas cleaner at the front and the crane in the middle along with its chimneys are elements that indicate the distinctive character of the factory.

By adding four new volumes containing a programme of apprenticeship training with a workplace an outpost for trainings in the region is created. Functions that are highly desirable throughout the local economy include “Construction and Interior”, “Shipbuilding and Port Technology” and “Health and Welfare”. Young people themselves will give the example of which trainings are possible because schools are linked to the crane runway. The new schools are completely transparent and on the run way side young people are able to see clearly through large glass window facades what trainings there are and thus will become more motivated to get an education.

This crane runway is also the new connection to Katendrecht, because a bridge is hung from here onto a suspension bridge over the Maashaven. This way visitors and passers-by of the location can see which functions are present and which courses are given.

Rotterdam south has many problems that concentrate in the workers’ district around the old port. Due to enormous school dropout and youth unemployment the risk arises of a lost generation who finds no connection with the labour market. Furthermore, it is increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified staff.

In response to the un-Dutch problems a national programme has been established which gives an opinion on education, economic empowerment and physical quality improvement. The Kwaliteitssprong Zuid (Quality leap Zuid) from Deetman and Mans states for the education sector that continuous learning and craft in the districts should be encouraged. Meanwhile, many professional training courses have been established in Rotterdam that enable young people to work and attend an education at the same time.  However, these programmes often only offer internships and are mostly located on the outskirts of the city.