Kick-off for living-service-area Oud Charlois

Everyone should be able to grow old in his or her own district; this is the proposal behind the fifteen living-service-areas that the Municipality of Rotterdam intends to create. To do so, insight into the living and moving patters of the elderly are desperately needed.

The municipality of Rotterdam wants to create sixteen living-service-areas within the coming years. To support this, the management of this project offers a research package. This package consists of a lifestyle analysis based on ‘De Grote Woontest Rotterdam’ (Smartagent) (‘The Great Living Questionaire’) and research performed by the Veldacademie.

In cooperation with the project group Living-Service-Areas Oud Charlois, in April 2010 the Veldacademie started research about the actual creation of a living-service-area within de district. This investigation is done in collaboration with students of the chair of Urbanism of the University of Delft. 


Questions that will be discussed during this investigation are:

What is the amount, the scale and distribution of the wished facilities and living typologies?

How are social and physical networks linked to each other?

How can smart connections create an economical foundation for these facilities?

In which way does the interior of the urban space contribute to a working living-service-area?


How will we work? Mobility as basic assumption

During our research we will take mobility as basic assumption. For one week, participants of the research will be equipped with a GPS-tracking device. Later the tracks will be imported into the municipalities GIS Web and analyzed. The tracks will show the used routes, means of transport, time and duration. The GPS research will be completed with questionnaires and interviews. Based on the outcome of this, the students will work on individual design tasks.


For questions please contact:

Otto Trienekens 06-54230606

Siko Bakker 06-20494125