Start Research on Accessible Districts

The research project on design of five ‘accessible neighborhoods’ commissioned by the government of Rotterdam by the ministry of social affairs and employment ,commenced last month.


Target of the program, Seniors and Rotterdam citizens with special needs, is the development of accessible districts. For proper research it is necessary to have complete understanding of the demands of the population, with special interest of seniors and people with a handicap. The relation between demand and supply eventually stipulates how an accessible district is experienced and how it could be maintained and improved.

The 5 districts are: Vreewijk, Oud Charlois, Lombardijen,de Esch and Lage Land/ Prinsenland. These districts have great chances of success for this project, due to either their connection with the research districts of SMART-Agent at the TU Delft, or their development with all the stakeholders with attention to the action program of assisted living.

Research will be executed through quantitative analysis, using multiple analysis methods (field work). Moreover, a location in the centre of the relevant work area has been chosen to conduct field work as effectively as possible.

For this research, Field Academy will be collaborating with TNO and Hogeschool Rotterdam.