TU Delft and Erasmus University set up Minor

‘The Social Sustainable Community – Transition Strategies for Regeneration Areas’ is the title of a new minor programme. The programme will start in september. Students of all academic disciplines are welkom to sign in. The aim is to work on community improvement from an interdisciplinary point of vieuw. The relationship between society and space within the context of a regeneration area will be the main subject of the course. The relationship will be examined by resreach en design. Liveability, sustainability as well as the design and management of social en enviromental transition/transformation processes are the keywords for the (designing) researcher and (researching) designer.


In this interdisciplinary design- and research studio students will be working by means of research, analysis and design within a regeneration area in Rotterdam. Around an actual case the interaction between local residents and politicians will lead to a concrete (spatial or process-) design that reacts to the identified problems. This result can consist of elements of urbanism, spatial designs or processes within the society.

Seminars ‘Liveable City’

A theoretical intensification on the one hand and the practical matter of transition strategies + spatial design on the other hand will be the topic of the seminar series ‘Liveable City’.

Methodology programme

Another course focuses on a number of methodological aspects of strategic development, social-scientific research. Designing research and researching design give the students a good foundation to academically work on the topic of the problem areas.

Communication, Presentation, Visualization

During the minor there wil be a course 'presentation techniques' to improve the students abilities  to communicate research, design and strategy in a clear and transparent manner to relevant individuals within the process of planning.

This minor is a co-production of various institutes. The initiator and chairman is the TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture (Chair of Spatial Planning & Strategy and Environmental Design). Furthermore the Erasmus University (Social-Spatial Sciences, DRIFT = Dutch Research Institute for Transitions), the HIS (Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies) as well as the Chair of Media of the TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture are partners in the new programme.

Veldacademie Rotterdam

This new minor takes place within the every day reality of comunities in Rotterdam. The Veldacademie Rotterdam is a platform facilitating research and design. The Veldacademie provides a relevant network, needed data and information and (ICT) facilities.

For further questions feel free to contact Remon Rooij at

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