Alderman of public spaces visits redevelopment of Gouwplein

On Tuesday the 1st of February, residents and the Field academy organized a visit from the alderman of outdoor space to team Gouwplein. The visit had an emphasis on the new way to address special places in the district by building up new relationships within management and maintenance of public spaces.


In wake of the question "where can I find  familiar meeting spots, and how do I support these?" the Alderman for Sustainable Development, Inner City and Public Spaces at City of Rotterdam, Alexandra Van Huffelen, paid a visit to Gouwplein. On the occasion residents, organizations of the dictrict, the chairman of the executive board, Ed Goverde, and account manager Theo Coskun were present.
Huffelens visit offered the chance to speak with residents and organizations about the importance of Gouwplein and to experience the collaboration. Gouwplein is not yet a familiar meeting place for the whole neighbourhood, but the first step has been made.

The alderman and the executive board were extremely excited, which means team Gouwplein can count on their support. The directors therefore immediately agreed that the gathering ban should disappear as soon as possible and will  be replaced by an official Gouwplein street sign. Alderman Huffelen  is hereby invited to ceremonially unveil the sign at the opening of the new playground end of June


Further information:
Contact : Jurrian Arnold
tel: 0653618507