Housing Transformation in Lombardijen and Feyenoord

Currently, the graduation group of Lidwine Spoormans and Wido Quist, both lecturer at the faculty of Architecture, Department RMIT (Modification, intervention and Transformation), together with  Field Academy is studying the transformation possibilities of the existing housing stock in several areas in Lombardijen and Feijenoord.

Meeting reality

Many Neighbourhoods in Rotterdam and other European cities are currently faced with complex social problems and degeneration. The design of an urban renewal area requires much insight into this complexity. Rotterdam is ambitiously active to improve the existing neighbourhoods.

Students perform analysis at different scale sizes: urban and landscape, building and context, and construction, materials and detailing. History, previously conducted interventions, the current situation and future possibilities are examined. The spatial transformation of existing stocks is designed, while solutions are sought on cultural, historical, economic and programmatic aspects. Future architects are so trained in dealing with these complex issues in regeneration.

Parties, interaction and transformation exchange
Students communicate with professionals, stakeholders and local residents. The majority of the students come from abroad. They bring their own experience and teach us with their new views and insights more about our problem areas. The Parish of Feijenoord uses the plans made by students as inspiration for their own design.  There is active cooperation with housing corporations Woonstad (Feijenoord) and Havensteder (Lombarijden) and design proposals are immediately tested for feasibility with owner and residents.

Practical assignment

Part of the study is a 1-week workshop in which plans are developed for an actual transformation of a house in Oud Charlois. It was a private residence merging for which six prototypes have been developed. The prototypes were tested on architectural and financial feasibility. The results if the workshop forms an integral input to Toolkit Merging Homes (link), developed by Field Academy .

Henk van Schagen, architect of two various urban renewal projects, and Sander Smoes coordinated and supervised the workshop throughout field Academy. The owner of the property, including various parties, Volker Wessels and ING, and the parish authorities in person of Ed Goverde and Alaattin Erdal, attended the presentation of the final results.

A bundled publication of the district analyses and final proposals, including essays by various staff members of the faculty and Field Academy, will be brought out at the end of the year.



Toolbox Samenvoegen

Report merging first floor and upstairs appartments

Rapport Vakoefening Samenvoegen