Veldacademie wins second price with “Shelters for Oud Charlois”

In co-commission by the district authority of Charlois and housing associations Vestia and Woonstad two groups of students, guided by Young Professionals, produced design proposals for the public space of Oud Charlois. This by chance of the yearly event Design Session Public Space, organized by ‘Stadswerk’.

The designs where created by small teams of five during an intensive three-day workshop. The proposal made by the team lead by Harmen Knoop won second price in the federal competition. The team was formed by Marlou de Jong, Pieter van der Kooij, Gijs Sanders en Sander Smoes.

Irma Bijl, Sanna Schuiling and Jikke Vergragt represented the commissioners. Veldacademie facilitated the workshop.


Left: example of existing hybrid zone nearby | Right: proposal of hybrid zone around the church

The main aspect of the proposal was to adjust the (ring)street around the church in a way that will result in a almost car-free zone. The jury agreed that furnishing this area with hedges and benches would stimulate the area to become more lively. By creating a hybrid zone between the pedestrian and the street a barrier will be formed. This new hybrid zone should be used by inhabitants and people passing by and form a new type of public space in this area. According to the jury the group scored high with their prior analysis which gave them a well defined central idea and finally lead them to find structural solutions.

(Text: Sander Smoes / Translation: Lisa Haenitsch)

Rapport: Schuilplaatsen in Oud-Charlois (Dutch)