Design & Build Workshop


For the design and realisation of a neighbourhood living room in Delft we are looking for talented PEOPLE. A MOTIVATED TEAM WILL BE FORMED INCLUDING different study backgrounds and nationalities. IN ORDER to be part of this TEAM, WORKING ON AN innovative project WITH INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION, we invite you to fill out the form below. AFTER A SHORT SELECTION PROCEDURE YOU WILL BE INFORMED ABOUT THE COMPOSITION OF THE TEAM.  



There are many groups of people who are looking for temporary and affordable housing. But how can a house be more than a shelter and contribute to the integration of different communities? With the program ‘Home not Shelter’, international experience is gained in designing by and for students, refugees and other groups of people. In the city of Delft, the transformation of a former elderly home is executed by the student organisation SHS. Students, elderly and vulnerable people will be living together in the same building. The communal space on the ground floor, the 'neighbourhood living room', will facilitate activities for residents of the building and their neighbours. More information about this project and the location site can be found on


10th of November 2017


22th – 29th of November 2017


The program for the workshop during the Stadmakerscongres Rotterdam, 10th of November:

9h00   Meeting with your team and preparations for the day

10h00   Kick-off meeting with inspiring talks by prof. Ralf Pasel (TU Berlin), Margot Hols (SHS) and others

11h00   Start of the design workshop

17h30    Public presentation of the final design

During the day there will be several intervision moments with the jury and experts



The signing up time has been expired, but if you are interested to participate you can contact Maarten van der Maas / +31 6 292 012 13



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