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Due to closing of small businesses, more and more vacant store fronts appear in the Mathenesserweg in Rotterdam. Besides deterioration of the business climate, this also negatively effects the perception of safety and liveability in the area. To tackle these problems residence set up neighbourhood enterprise. With support of the housing association Havensteder they commissioned Veldacademie to investigate possibilities to reduce vacancy and improve the liveability of the area.

Workshop neigbourhood regeneration

Within this challenging assignment Veldacademie organizes a workshop where you, as master student urban design and planning, will learn new methods to understand social, economic and physical processes in the urban environment. Within an interdisciplinary team and under guidance of professionals you will analyse and develop strategies for the Mathenesseweg.

Graduation at Veldacademie

The workshop will not only give you more knowledge for your graduation assignment, it also provides you with an opportunity to get acquainted with the Veldacademie graduation studio. If you want to graduate on a live case in Rotterdam and you are not afraid of practise experience, Veldacademie offers you a place to graduate where you can meet professionals and residence and where you can use our expertise in urban development.

We happily invite you to join the workshop!

Practical information

De workshop consists out of two parts. The first part, in the morning, is about observation and analysis on site. It will take place at Stroop at Mathenesserweg 21. The second part is about strategy development and will take place at the Veldacademie (Waalhaven Oostzijde 1). The session ends with a drink together with all students and professionals at the Veldacademie.


-         9u                 welcome and introduction (Mathenesserweg 21)

-         10u               on site investigation

   12u               break (lunch and moving to Veldacademie)

-         14u               start at Veldacademie (Waalhaven Oostzijde 1)

-         13u30           workshop strategy development

-         16u30           presentation in the presence of experts

-         17u               drinks

When you like to join, please enlist before 10th of September via mail to

Also If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact this address.


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