for whom

Veldacademie is looking for students that:

  • would like to work on present-day assignments that are relevant to the city of Rotterdam;
  • are not hesitant to get in touch with professionals, inhabitants and entrepreneurs;
  • embrace the complexity found in actual practice
  • possess the persistence to work with this complexity
  • can and want to work in a dynamic and professional environment

Practice oriented design and research studio

Veldacademie is a practice oriented research studio where present-day urban assignments are linked to education and research. At Veldacademie you will work on concrete assignments from public and private parties together with students from various educational tracks. You will do this by actively seeking out the context of the assignment and initiating dialogs with the various people and groups that are involved. As such, Veldacademie is literally an academy in the field.

Assignments with added value

As a student you can approach Veldacademie if you are interested in an assignment in practice. There are various ways to do this and it differs per educational programme. You will be guided by teachers from your own educational programme, whereby Veldacademie will offer the guidance related to practice. So studying at Veldacademie offers added value to those that want to acquire practical experience and enrich their résumé, linked to regular education.

Studio, internship or graduation

There are two ways to study at Veldacademie. First off it's possible to go work at Veldacademie via a project or course that is offered by the educational programme. This is possible through those educational programs that have made arrangements with Veldacademie. Secondly you can also go to work on the basis of a self formulated assignment. This is mainly the case for graduation students. The specific form of the graduation track is determined in accordance with Veldacademie. Experience does however teach us that a self set up project often acquires some extra effort and motivation.

In addition internships are also regularly offered. The course of an internship ideally lasts six months.

Information per educational track

The educational institutions listed below already collaborate with Veldacademie, specific information can be found per educational programme. Is your educational programme not listed? Then we would gladly meet up with you to discuss how you could get started at Veldacademie. Contact us via

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